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Exhibitors will not be allowed to ship directly to the Hilton New York Midtown via third party delivery service (i.e. FedEx, UPS, Freight Companies…etc.) Shipments will be refused at the docks as this is a union venue and specific protocols need to be followed.

For exhibitors bringing in freight in company-owned or personal vehicles, we will have specific exhibitor unload and load-out times at the dock to follow union procedure

If you would like to ship to our warehouse, we will no longer be providing complimentary shipping due to the increase costs at the venues. A more detailed schedule will follow as we finalize event details. The following is what companies will be charged for EACH location:

  • $420 per pallet
  • If you are shipping individual boxes and only have a half a pallet you will be charged half of the $420 fee.


You do have the option to ship to the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel Package Room at the venue in New York City. The hotel has their own protocol and policy that will need to be followed regarding shipping to the hotel.

  • Parcels are accepted 3 days prior to your arrival date
  • Number each box and know it’s contents
  • If shipping boxes to the Hotel Package room do not indicate show name or booth number
  • Hotel package room will not accept or store crates
  • Package Room Management reserves the right to NOT accept boxes which are damaged during shipping, unsafe, or too large.
  • Provide written advance notice to the Meeting & Conventions Manager with the following details:
  • The number of boxes shipped
  • Where they were shipped from
  • When they will arrive
  • Where the boxes should be delivered upon arrival
  • The size, weight, and relative condition of the boxes
  • Any other information that will assist the Package Room to facilitate the deliver in-house
  • CC the Dance Teacher Summit Conference Manager on all correspondence
  • Pricing:

  • Boxes up to 15 lbs. $4
  • Boxes 16 to 39 lbs. $6
  • Boxes 31 to 51 lbs. $12
  • Boxes 51 to 75 lbs. $18
  • Boxes 76 to 99 lbs. $25
  • Boxes 100 lbs. plus $25 Plus $0.20 per pound over 100 lbs.)
  • Display Cases $35
  • All Pallets additional $60 (per pallet)
  • **Storage fees based on quantity and size of parcel**