Q: I can't dance, so I just want to watch the class. Is there a discount?

A: No. Although lots of teachers do dance, others choose to observe and take notes. We have to be careful there is enough room for everyone!

Q: Is everyone listed actually going to be there?

A: Hopefully, yes. We try very hard to get the best of the best teachers. This means that sometimes other work does come up. But don’t worry; we will make sure to fill the classes with an equally amazing and qualified teacher.

Q: Can I just pay for one class or one day?

A: No, attendee registration is only sold for the full 3-day event. You can, however, get a free exhibit hall pass, which entitles you to walk the exhibit hall floor any or all three days.

Q: When will a schedule of classes be available?

A: We will update the website as soon as we know the schedule. Due to the nature of hiring working artists, this schedule often isn’t finished until right before the event. To get a better idea of the event, you can look at lasts years schedule.