Q: I am an office manager at our studio and I am not interested in taking the dance classes. Can I only attend the seminars?

A: Yes. Many people attend the Dance Teacher Summit and just take our business seminars. They run throughout each day and cover all aspects of studio management.

Q: Is there a discount for attending just the seminars?

A: No. The business seminars will run throughout each day, every day.

Q: I am a studio owner or dance teacher and interested in taking the dance classes and a few of the business seminars. Is this possible?

A: Yes. All registered attendees can take each and every class and seminar throughout the entire event.

Seminars & Movement Classes

A main focus of the Dance Teacher Summit is to provide our attendees with essential advice, innovative ideas and practical information for running their business. Studio office managers, studio owners and teachers alike can benefit from these informative seminars. These seminars will include multi-media presentations, round-table discussions, interactive panels and expert guest speakers.
Sample Business Seminars (from 2013):
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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Carol Royal
Although you might have plenty to worry about, focusing on the positive and striving to provide that little extra that can keep dancers, parents, and teachers happy will in turn keep you happy. Hear fun and exciting ideas that have kept Carol’s clients happy for over 30 years!

Stage Makeup Basics

Christine Dion
Dr. Annie Spell, PhD gives advice on how to set yourself up for success in the classroom.
Competition and professional performers know how important a uniform look and proper makeup application is for the right presentation. Recital performers who are on stage once or twice a year might forget the importance of a polished makeup application. Many beginners don’t know where to start when it comes to stage makeup and often apply too much or not enough. In this class we uncover simple basics to achieve an age appropriate performance face. Learn easy professional artistry techniques to create balance to the face, open eyes, enhance features, and add show appeal.

The Art of Makeup

Christine Dion
Some performances have special themes and characters. To bring these numbers to life and truly create the fantasy, a performer will need a little something extra when it comes to makeup. In this class you will learn how to create a makeup looks for the popular themes of Classical Ballet, 1960's Groovy Mod and Hip-Hop Street to add drama to your theme performances. Creating theme looks for your numbers can be easy and fast. Learn to adjust a standard polished stage face to create a character, and then easily change back again. Remember the little extras that finish a look and capture the era, style and fantasy of the number is the makeup and hair.

College Panel

Join college professors and previous students from different universities as they discuss what they are looking for in a college bound dancer. Learn about programs and conservatories and what each has to offer. Have dancers that want to continue dancing, but are going to school for something else? Come learn and discuss what dance teams at the colligate level are really like! Members of different university dance teams and competitions will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Competition Teams

Joanne Chapman
Learn from Joanne’s three decades of experience on how to create and grow a strong competitive team while still teaching the love of dance!

Competition Q & A

Join a discussion on all things competition and convention with some of the leaders in the competition and convention industry.

Costume Panel

Talk with the leaders in the costume industry. From rhinestones to back orders this is your chance to ask the costume companies questions!

Front Desk Staff

Danie Beck
Join Danie as she discusses the ins and outs of your front of house management. Learn how to find, hire, and train the best “Director of First Impressions” possible!

Rent, Buy, or Build?

Danie Beck, Donna Aravena, Sue Sampson-Dalena
Whether you are thinking of opening a studio or looking to expand, hear the pros and cons of renting, buying or building from three veteran studio owners!

Digital Dance

Daniel DeFranco
Learn how to create an integral marketing plan for your studio. Daniel will break down the basics of SEO, Facebook, and your website and explain how they should all work together to get you more business!

Tech Talk

Denise Wall
Take any show to the next level! From tech terminology to organizational cues, learn how Denise uses her shows as a teaching tool for dancers who want to dance professionally.

Future Success Keys - A three-part series that progressively builds.

Part 1: World Class Development

Frank Sahlein
Discover what the best children's activity centers are doing in the areas of marketing, professional development and finances.

Part 2: World Class Technology Key

Frank Sahlein
Learn to utilize the evolving technologies to make your life easier in the areas of databases, lesson planning/staff training, and business resources.

Part 3: World Class Company Culture Keys

Frank Sahlein
You may have heard that "culture eats strategy for breakfast." While strategies are very important in placing your business in the big picture, culture is the daily food that feeds all of your customers (children, parents, staff, and more). Come see what we mean!

Raising the Bar

Jason Silverman
How to help your students (and their families) thrive by teaching Personal Development in a systematized way. 10 Tips to give your students an “edge” in the game of life while you are helping them to become the best dancers they can be.
We all need a little inspiration some times, Kathy Blake kicked off the 2011 Summit with an encouraging and upbeat presentation!

Dance Studio Business 101

Jessica Scheitler
If you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, the key to profitability is having a solid business foundation. Learn the best practices for taking care of business in your dance studio. Avoid common mistakes and set yourself on the path to success. Be confident that all your bases are covered, so you can balance your artistry, teaching, and business. Our business road map will bring your vision to life. Open forum Q&A will be incorporated to discuss solutions for attendees' business inquiries to make a plan to overcome obstacles and achieve future goals.

Take Your Taxes to the Max!

Jessica Scheitler
New moves for 2013! Designed to help artists make the right tax moves, you will learn the tips and tricks to make the most of your business and personal tax returns and make your numbers and records audit proof for the IRS. We will discuss strategies to take advantage of every write off you deserve and help you plan for the new tax changes resulting from the fiscal cliff and the Affordable Care Act. Our tax tips will save you money on taxes. How could you use the extra money in your studio? Open forum Q&A will be incorporated to discuss solutions for attendees' tax inquiries.

Is The Price Right?

Jessica Scheitler
Make your studio more profitable! Pricing your classes and studio products is the primary element in achieving a profitable and self-sustaining dance studio. Together we will crunch the numbers, so you understand your costs, margins, and how you compare to the industry standard. Through interactive exercises, you will leave with your own key numbers in the recipe for financial success. Find your work-life balance by turning your passion into profits. Broad concepts will be covered. However, we recommend coming prepared with actual income, expenses, bills, and student count numbers from your studio to get the most out of the class. This is an advanced class and will utilize concepts from Dance Studio Business 101.


Jill Tirone
Have you been wondering how Pinterest can be a useful marketing tool for your studio? Studies show that Pinterest is more effective at driving sales than other forms of social media. Learn how to harness the power of this creative platform by developing an awesome Pinterest profile, selecting the right content, building a community of followers, improving your SEO, and driving valuable traffic to your website.

Facebook Marketing

Jill Tirone
Tips, tricks, and tools for success! Navigating through Facebook is challenging. In this seminar, we’ll help you build engaging promotions and experiences that grow your audience on Facebook. We’ll show you the marketing strategies for creating and running a successful business page and help you understand the little-known secrets that will increase your chances of success. Learn the important features of page design, the top customization and engagement strategies, and the best applications for your studio.

Studio Damage Control

Kathy Blake
They say if you stumble, make it part of the dance. In this session you'll hear ways to gracefully manage the day-to-day crises that cause upset, drama and stress for dance studio owners and teachers. Whether it's a leaking roof, a teacher who quits, or the student who has been dancing on the side at another studio...learn practical tips for problem solving so that you can stay focused and successful in the midst of the unexpected events that come with owning and running a studio.

Paying For Extras?

Kathy Blake
Whether your teachers are independent contractors or employees, there are times when need to pay them differently than their hourly rate or agreed salary. Are your teachers looking for discounts for their own children to take classes? Have you wondered about a fair stipend for everything from setting choreography to attending the weekend competition? Should you bonus your teachers for being at the recital? Are they asking for benefits beyond pay? In this session you'll find out ways to give incentives for your teachers and staff that keep them motivated and loyal yet allow you to stay profitable.

Fill Your Cup

Kim Delgrosso
Last year, Kim stated, “To fill someone else’s cup you must first fill your own.” This year she will expand on that statement with ideas on time management, class structure, realistic goals and realizing you and your studio’s uniqueness.

In Case of Emergency

Kim Delgrosso
Whether it’s a snow day, tornado or the loss of a studio member, developing a crisis strategy in case of an emergency is essential to a successful studio. Although you hope that you never have to use any of your emergency plans, it is important to have them just in case!

Social Strategies that Work

Michael Goldsmith
Explore how recent tech advancements like social media and mobile marketing have transformed consumer behavior, dictating a shift in how you market to your current and future clients. Learn firsthand what strategies have proven most successful for studios just like yours – and leave with a better understanding of how you can navigate social trends to attract new clients and keep them coming back again and again.

First Rule of Business

Paul Henderson
Are you working too hard for too little reward? Are you frustrated because you’re spending more time managing your dance studio than teaching kids? Are your customers telling you how to run your own business? Do you sometimes say to yourself, “This is just not worth it”! We’ll discuss these basic and immediate “must do’s” of streamlining your business and outsourcing as much as possible that is not your core area of expertise.

Customer Care & Communications

Phyllis Balagna
Learn how to keep your customers happy! From registration to recital it is important to make your customers feel welcomed and a part of the team.

Positive Parental Involvement

Phyllis Balagna
Learn fun and exciting ways to get the parents involved in the studio! Beyond the Father/Daughter dance, Phyllis will share time-tested ideas to ensure you have positive parents!
Attendees will receive real-life examples and tips to take home with them!

Comp Newbie

Robin Dawn Ryan
Thinking about starting a competition studio? Just started and not sure what the next step is? This seminar is for you. Robin will share what she wishes she knew when she started, from how to structure the team to how to prepare parents.

The Once a Week Dancer

Sue Sampson-Dalena
Often overlooked, these are your most important dancers at your studio! Hear how Sue has grown and kept a vital, healthy and fun recreational program.

Dance Convention 101

Sue Sampson-Dalena
Veteran convention goer, Sue, will share how she prepares her students and parents to get the most out of the convention weekend! She will share benefits of conventions, etiquette and ideas that you can take home to your studio.

Turn Inquiries Into Students

Suzanne Blake Gerety
One way to separate your studio from the competition is to be quick and make the process of exploring your programs easy and informative. If you'd like an easier way to have your inbound inquiries from potential students turn into registered ones, this session will help you with a system that's fun and simple to manage. Get ideas for trial class tracking, email auto responders, how to write your FAQ's, create a virtual and live studio tour, and more. This session will be full of practical ideas and user friendly technology tips for studio owners and office staff.

Office Management 101

Suzanne Blake Gerety
The skills needed to effectively run a dance studio office have changed! Find out what the most successful dance studios have when it comes to a business manager that contributes to growth. Get suggestions on how to find the right person with the right skills to manage your studio and what to pay them. Participants will get an immediately useful plan to implement with your current staff so that you can get on track with saving time and getting things done!

Team Spirit – Successful and Productive Teams!

Tiffany Henderson
Happy, inspired teachers are the most loyal and productive members of your team and they create loyal, happy and inspired dancers! Discover how Tiffany Henderson, owner of 7 successful dance studios, empowered, educated and inspired her dance teachers to create an incredibly positive team atmosphere. You too, can bring out the absolute best of every teacher and help them reach their full potential.