Q: I am an office manager at our studio and I am not interested in taking the dance classes. Can I only attend the seminars?

A: Yes. Many people attend the Dance Teacher Summit and just take our business seminars. They run throughout each day and cover all aspects of studio management.

Q: Is there a discount for attending just the seminars?

A: No. The business seminars will run throughout each day, every day.

Q: I am a studio owner or dance teacher and interested in taking the dance classes and a few of the business seminars. Is this possible?

A: Yes. All registered attendees can take each and every class and seminar throughout the entire event.

Seminars & Movement Classes

A main focus of the Dance Teacher Summit is to provide our attendees with essential advice, innovative ideas and practical information for running their business. Studio office managers, studio owners and teachers alike can benefit from these informative seminars. These seminars will include multi-media presentations, round-table discussions, interactive panels and expert guest speakers.
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Performance Plus

Al Blackstone
Dynamic and exciting performers can take good choreography and make it unforgettable. What makes a good technical performance a memorable one, and how can we foster a classroom atmosphere that breeds creativity, confidence, and artistry? This workshop includes warm-up exercises, philosophy, and practical tips on how to bring out the very best in dancers of all ages and levels.

Musical Theater Ages 9-12

Al Blackstone
Dr. Annie Spell, PhD gives advice on how to set yourself up for success in the classroom.
This class focuses on musical theater class material for ages 9–12. What is the difference between musical theater and jazz, and how can you enhance your jazz choreography with a theatrical point of view? Does lip-syncing help or hurt a performance? What makes a musical theater routine stand out? This workshop will include warm-up exercises, progressions, and a short combination.

Broadway Workshop

Andy Blankenbuehler
Andy will teach a professional-level musical theater combination. While teaching a combo, he will break down his creative process and discuss the ways in which character and music drive choreography for the Broadway stage.

Broadway: Composition & Musicality

Andy Blankenbuehler
This class will focus on analyzing musical composition to improve storytelling and character development in your dancing. Andy will break down many pieces of classic Broadway music in order to analyze compositional elements that inform our choreography. He will be teaching sections of movement from some of his shows, as well as work by such greats as Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse to further illustrate the many ways in which we can use the music as a blueprint for our work.

Restorative Barre

Anneliese Burns Wilson
A combination of barre, standing, and floor exercises that are applicable to dancers of all styles. The material can be used effectively to prepare for class, restore the body after class, as a home practice, or to return to movement after time off. The material presented will be suitable for dancers ages 10 through adult, and draws from many different dance and somatic practices.

Prop It Up

Anneliese Burns Wilson
Your office and home are full of everyday items that work fantastically as props in the dance class to help students "feel" and "see" the technique in and on their bodies. Find creative uses for paper, rubber bands, pencils, and pot scrubbers in your dance room. Ideal for teachers with students ages 8-13, the material in this class will help your students connect with their ever-changing bodies during these challenging growth years.

Creating Tap Exercises

Anthony Morigerato
Technique is the building block essential to lasting excellence in any dance form. This class will work to address strategies in coming up with exercises for tap dancers, and will offer sample exercises to take home for your students.

Teaching Tap Improvisation Technique

Anthony Morigerato
Not only is improvisation a useful tool to push your students’ creativity, it is a building block of tap. This class will give you clear examples of improv games and techniques that will boost dancers’ musicality and confidence.

Training Turnout in Tiny Dancers

Beverly Spell, Lisa Howell, B.Phty
Knowing how and when to safely introduce rotation. This class is designed to empower teachers with new ideas for training turnout in young dancers, including what to do, what not to do, and why, based on current dance medicine research. Learn how to develop awareness, range, and control in the safest ways possible.

Honoring the Tendu

Beverly Spell, Lisa Howell, B.Phty
Developing the base for a lifetime of dance. Mastering the articulation of the front of the foot that should occur in a tendu is quite possibly the single most effective way to prevent foot injuries in dancers. A focus on the correct execution of this fundamental step can also lead to dramatic improvements in all areas of a dancer’s technique. This class focuses on how to teach this essential articulation of the foot in very young students, and how to progress it as they get older.

Jazz Warm-Up & Center Combo

Bob Rizzo
This jazz warm-up class will consist of a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises to get you and your muscles ready for the day!

Jazz Warm-Up & Across the Floor

Bob Rizzo
Join Bob as he teaches fun, jazzy routine across the floor. Great for your enjoyment or to take back to your students!

Baby to Barre (Ages 8-12)

Bonnie Schuetz
Baby classes are over and it’s time for more technique. Now what? Classes can still be enjoyable while teaching technique. Bonnie shares ideas to keep your 8–12 year olds engaged while transitioning from baby classes to more technique driven classes.

Floor-Barre & Ballet

Camille Rommett
Camille Rommett will introduce a series of Floor-Barre movements to help correct alignment, straighten and strengthen the knees, etc. Based on ballet, Zena Rommet Floor-Barre creates long, exquisite lines. Experience this gentle yet effective technique that is doctor endorsed for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Steppin Out with Tap Progressions

Debbie Dee
Reconnect with across-the-floor tap progressions for all levels. They’re fun, challenging, and an important part of a tap class. Progressions provide the skill of movement, coordination, balance control, and working as a team. So whether you’re working on basics, turns, or intricate footwork, progressions should be an important part of your weekly tap class. Join Debbi for all new progressions.

Tap Rhythms

Debbie Dee
Join Debbi for an all-new base and melody rudiment technique class. The “art” of tap rudiments is being able to take simple steps and creating great rhythms. At the same time, you’re working on building endurance, speed, clarity, control and musicality. All this - and they’re fun!

Envisioning: The Future of Technique

Deborah Vogel
Imagery, ideokinesis, imagination, intention: What do they have in common and how can we use them to improve our students’ technique and performance success? This class will offer a practical exploration into the latest research in the area of optimal performance.

Dynamic Stretching

Deborah Vogel
What is dynamic stretching and how can dancers utilize it? Come explore ways to increase flexibility safely and effectively.
We all need a little inspiration some times, Kathy Blake kicked off the 2011 Summit with an encouraging and upbeat presentation!

Body Placement Review *

Denise Wall
Denise will show you how to incorporate new principles and exercises into your classes to help improve your dancers’ body awareness, inspiration, and joy of movement. Learn how she breaks down the body in a way your students can understand.
* This class will be a review of last year’s materials. Denise’s subsequent classes will build off of the materials presented during this session.


Denise Wall
Breaking down the turn: Going over everything from preparation to how to stay connected to the floor, how to spot correctly, and how to stay in high relevé.


Denise Wall
Denise will share her time-tested formulas for transitions. Through different combinations, she will break down how to get your students to use their plié. She will also give combinations that will help your students with their transitions, making sure they hit each movement.

Top 10 Stretches for Jazz

Desiree Robbins
This class will focus on 10 of the best stretches and exercises for good jazz technique. The warm-up class will also help teachers use the material and easily format it for dancers of all levels. Each jazz class structure should begin with a warm-up, much like every ballet class begins with barre. Students need to realize that all of their technique comes from warm-up. Once jazz warm-up is treated like ballet barre, it will help dancers make that connection and learn to channel their technique throughout the rest of class.

Jazz Progressions to Combos

Desiree Robbins
This class will focus on actually utilizing the technique worked on during progressions and transferring them into usable class combinations and/or routines. This will help dancers see how their technique training can directly apply in a choreographed piece. Taking different progressions that have already been taught and putting them in different orders will help your dancers challenge their brains, build muscle memory, think on their feet, and focus on using their technique to help them get through combinations to the best of their abilities. Get the most out of your class time!

BalletBarreNone (Ages 3-9)

Eileen Juric
BalletBarreNone teaches an inside-out approach to ballet through floor, center, and traveling exercises in place of the barre. The program maximizes limited time in the ballet classroom with exercises that strip away excess baggage and develop an essential foundation of movement rooted in body awareness. The interactive style keeps students' minds and bodies engaged and encourages them to become "captains of their own ships" while having fun in ballet class! This class teaches how to build a strong foundation of fundamental movement in younger dancers. Teachers will learn how to keep students' minds and bodies engaged in a dynamic, fun, and interactive format that redesigns traditional pre-ballet class for a new generation of dancers. The class includes movements and exercises specifically constructed to develop the essential mechanisms of ballet.

BalletBarreNone (Ages 9 and Up)

Eileen Juric
This class teaches how to build on the preparatory foundation as students move into beginning ballet levels. Teachers will learn how to efficiently guide students through layers of advancing movement as their bodies and minds continue to grow and develop. The class includes a combination of floor work and vertical center work, which reveals and resolves underlying issues while focusing on and developing correct muscle use.
* This class will build upon the principals set forth in Ages 3-9.


Finis Jhung
How to teach your beginners the pirouette en dehors from fifth and fourth positions.


Finis Jhung
How to teach your advanced beginners to jump high quickly.

Tap Counter Attack

Gregg Russell
A class full of two and three-person peel-offs and counter-rhythms. Will include different levels and styles. Bring a friend or two and have a blast!

Tap Choreography

Gregg Russell
A class utilizing 2–3 different combinations, showing how you can maximize and enhance your own choreography for stage and competition.

Hip Hop: Movin' & Groovin'

Gregg Russell
Back by popular demand, a class including different styles of hip-hop progressions, along with a fun combination that helps the non–hip-hop dancer feel funky!

Advanced Broadway

Jennifer Jancuska
Broadway Connection discusses how to effectively inspire, create and establish strong Musical Theatre Programs for dancers of all ages. Attendees learn, try, and leave with vocal, acting and theatrical dance exercises and material. Studios currently offering triple threat curriculum can use this unique workshop to bolster and advance their curriculum!

Clean Routines

Joanne Chapman
You have the great choreography - now take it to the next level with a crisp, clean routine. Learn how to get dancers to hear the music the same, and to stylistically move as one. You will be able to clean a routine without losing the dynamics of the piece, and have your dancers competition-ready in no time!
Attendees will receive real-life examples and tips to take home with them!

Acro Tricks in Choreography

Joanne Chapman
Joanne will discuss ways to transition in and out of acro tricks in different dance styles, plus how to teach and spot these tricks. There will be demonstrators on hand!

Ballet Barre

Judy Rice
Join Judy at the barre as she walks you through a ballet class. Word cues, tips, and variations for different levels will be shared. Come ready to move and stretch!

Ballet Centerwork

Judy Rice
Building off of her barre class, Judy will give you center work you can use for any level!


Judy Rice
Take your students to the next level with this interactive demonstration and discussion on all things pointe.

Advanced Beginner Tap

Judy Ann Bassing
Go back to basics with this high energy tap class. Teaching a strong foundation in the basics is important to develop strong tappers. Judy will teach how to keep your tap classes fun and educational, from musicality, to how to teach pullbacks, to a fun age appropriate routine. Get ideas for your tap classes all year long!

Intermediate Advanced

Judy Ann Bassing
Building off Advanced Beginner Tap, this class will consist of warm-ups, center, across the floor, pullback combinations, and how to teach steps the easy way.

Preschool Combo Classes

Kim Delgrosso
Join Kim for creative ideas, including class times, structure and actives. The class is geared towards teaching techniques for children ages 2-6.

Pilates for Dancers

Linda Farrell
Class will include classic Pilates Mat exercises from beginner to intermediate to advanced, with variations to add variety to the workout. Cueing will include important Pilates principles such as breathing, stabilization, differentiation, and opposition.

Core Conditioning

Linda Farrell
Class will include classic Pilates, yoga, and floor-barre exercises to condition the entire body, with an emphasis on building core strength and body awareness.

Horton Technique

Lisa Johnson-Willingham
Created by Alvin Ailey’s mentor, Lester Horton, this is a major codified modern dance technique reputed to fortify, stretch, and strengthen the human body. Horton aims to correct physical faults and prepare you for any type of dancing you may wish to follow.

Modern Choreography

Lisa Johnson-Willingham
A multi-level class designed to improve harmony of movement through an expressive flowing series of combinations integrating modern, Horton, and ballet. Choreography builds throughout the class to fine tune the body and develop artistic and technical performance. Students should have some prior experience with Horton and/or ballet.

Not All Hips Are Created Equal

Lisa Howell, B.Phty
Developing a hip profile for serious dancers. The secret to training turnout in any dancer is understanding the individual’s basic anatomical makeup. This allows you to design a specific training program to help them improve any restricted areas and perform at their ultimate capacity. An essential session for any teacher who wants to take their top students even further!

Luigi Technique

5, 6, 7, 8. Join legendary teacher Luigi as he teaches his famous warm-up and a combo!


Just keep moving! Luigi will present a classic jazz combo.


Mandy Moore
Choreographer Mandy Moore teaches a new fun jazz routine.


Mandy Moore
Join Mandy as she discusses “What is contemporary?” while teaching an original routine.

What the Judges See

Mandy Moore
With years of judging experience under her belt, Mandy will share the most common mistakes she sees in competition and her tips on how to avoid making them!

Dancing Through the Seasons with Props (Ages 2-6)

Maria Hanley
Toddler dance is a joy to teach, but it’s important to have the necessary tools in your pocket to shape a successful class. In this class, learn how to use the props to encourage movement and dance steps and how to scale the lessons for every age. Songs, poems, and books about seasons and holidays that inspired movement will also be shared.

Creative Ballet (Ages 4 & 5)

Maria Hanley
Refresh your ballet curriculum by exploring creative ways to teach basic ballet steps. This session will cover how to ask the right questions to generate movement from your students, partner dances, tools to create a dance in one 45-minute class, how to praise your students for their interesting and creative ideas, and creating dances inspired by their interests.

Tap Across the Floor

Mike Minery
Mike will teach short across-the-floor combos that focus on individual steps and help to improve your students’ technique. Learn combos you can use every week!

Tap in Music

Mike Minery
Join Mike for an interactive discussion about finding and using music to enhance your tap routines. From where to find music, to editing tips, to a short combo, you will leave inspired to start next season’s routines!

Body Placement

Paula Morgan
An in-depth discussion on body placement followed by a Q&A with Paula Morgan. Teachers will have the opportunity to pick Miss Paula's brain for answers to their most pressing issues. Some questions to be covered: Do the majority of students in your classroom have a problem in common? Could that problem lead to other issues? Will changing alignment help reduce back pain? How? How can I keep my students from having bulky muscles?

Student Evaluation & Warm-Up

Paula Morgan
Ever wonder why one student can turn better than another? Or why one student has better extension than the other? Learn how to evaluate and assess your students' abilities. Understanding how to properly evaluate a student can help identify limitations, strengths, and potential.

Feet, Legs & Inner Balance

Paula Morgan
Paula will address how focus and strong feet contribute to stable balance. She will also explain how having this foundation is crucial for introductory pointe work.

Preschool Behavior Panel

An open forum discussion where you can ask how to solve all your preschool problems. From classroom etiquette and word cues to potty breaks and parents, hear how other teachers keep their preschoolers (and parents) happy!

Jazz Across the Floor

Ray Leeper
Breathe new life into familiar movements with Ray’s challenging and innovative combinations. Learn jazz stylization by perfecting across-the-floor exercises.

Just Jazz

Ray Leeper
Join Ray for a fun and invigorating jazz class that will get your heart racing and legs kicking.

Fusion Jazz

Rhonda Miller
Pulling from numerous styles, join Rhonda as she teaches a fun, upbeat fusion jazz routine.

Lyrical/Modern Fusion

Robert Lee
Based on his own unique background in dance, Robert, has created a fusion of a lyrical/modern based movement. The movement is derived from an honest place, where the work is clear and harmonious with the music.

Moving Through Technique

Robert Lee
This class was created to help find your technique while moving through space. As well as finding the quality of your movement while maintaining your technique. So many dancers have great technique or have great movement quality, though it's rare when the dancer is a true hybrid dancer; one who can maintain their technique while moving.

50 Plus!

Robin Dawn Ryan
A no-judgment, old-school jazz class for the 50+ dance teacher to just dance! Rock out to some old-school tunes as we bring it back to the “good ole days” of spandex and high leotards. Big hair optional.

Basic Acro

Robin Dawn Ryan
Learn how to safely teach and spot basic acrobatic tricks. You do not need prior acro training, and there will be demonstrators.

Bollywood & Bhangra Dance

Rupal Patel
With the increasing popularity of Bollywood and Bhangra dances surging through America, join us for an introductory class of Indian dancing. Learn fun Bollywood and high-energy Bhangra dance moves which can be taught at your studio. All levels from beginner to advanced are welcome.

Jazz Warm-Up

Sheila Barker
Reconnect to your body with an invigorating jazz warm up. Shelia will share tips on how to make the most out of your warm up while still feeling great.

Jazz/V.O.P. Technique Tribute

Sheila Barker
Join Sheila as she honors and carries on Frank Hatchett’s unique funky groove. The heat will definitely be on with an engaging high-energy routine.

One Jump Ahead: Dancing On Broadway

Sue Hamilton
Disney on Broadway and Disney Performing Arts invite you to discover a whole new world and experience what it takes to be a Broadway dancer. Your wishes will come true as you learn the inventive choreography to Broadway's newest hit musical, Aladdin. Disney Teaching Artists will lead you on a magical journey from a Broadway rehearsal to the wondrous world of Agrabah. At the Walt Disney Company, casting directors and show directors often look for dancers who do more than dance. The double-threat and triple-threat performers have an advantage. The session will conclude with a discussion featuring a cast member from Aladdin on Broadway, where you will learn firsthand what it takes to make it on the world’s most famous stage. Led by Sue Hamilton, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts’ Creative Entertainment Show Director.


Thom Cobb
This master class will start with a total body technique warm-up leading to the development of a movement combination. The movement material for this class comes from an eclectic approach to modern dance (contemporary, postmodern) and more than 40 years in the profession. Most important is that the participants “DANCE” this class from beginning to end, and find something of value to take with them as they leave the Summit. Recommended for intermediate to advanced dancers; all levels welcome.


Thom Cobb
In this master class, we will combine the beauty and grace of Classical Ballet with the power, poise, precision, and passion of the traditional dance and character forms from Russia and possibly Hungary or Poland. The Hopak, Mazurka, and Czardas are all necessary to further one’s understanding of the concert forms of dance. More than a technique class, we will focus on performance qualities and “becoming” the character through dance.

Toddler Class Elements (Ages 2-6)

Tiffany Henderson
Founder of Twinkle Star Dance Program and Owner of Tiffany’s Dance Academy in California Keep your baby dance program fresh and exciting for both teachers and dancers. Discover fresh new tap, jazz, and ballet curriculum elements for your preschool-aged dance classes. You will also learn priceless teaching tips that will help both new and seasoned toddler dance teachers. This is a movement class. Please bring all appropriate dance shoes.

Happy Dancing Holidays

Tiffany Henderson
Recommended for ages 2-10. Make the magic of the holidays come alive in your classroom! Take a break from normal classroom structure and excite your dancers with great ideas for dances, crafts, and activities for every season.

Teaching Theory

Tony Dovolani
Every dancer learns differently. Join Tony as he demonstrates how to effectively teach each dancer.


Tony Dovolani
A little salsa, a splash of merengue and a touch of the mambo makes this class hot, hot, hot! No partner or experience needed, just come ready to move!

Character In Motion

Tracy Silver
This class will explore ways to integrate character, story, intention and emotional connection into a variety of dance styles.

Hip-Hop Master Class

Whether you are an experienced B-boy or you’re trying hip-hop for the first time, experience tWitch’s passion, dedication, and love firsthand in this hip-hop master class.

Tharp Dance

Twyla Tharp
Get a glimpse into the mind of Tony and Emmy Award winner Twyla Tharp as she shares some of her classic choreography and creative process. An open forum Q&A will follow the second class.
* Both classes will be the same combo. In consideration for everyone, we ask that you only take one of the classes. There will be enough room for everyone to participate in the Q&A.

Search, Social, Mobile

Amanda Patterson
Presented by the Senior Director of Marketing for MINDBODY, learn how to reach clients and prospects everywhere. Explore how online search, social media and mobile marketing have transformed consumer behavior and what that means for your marketing efforts. Learn how to position your studio online to take advantage of the new mobile marketplace and explore examples of social and mobile strategies that have proven successful for dance studios just like yours. You’ll leave this session with tips on how to navigate social trends to attract new clients and motivate your current clients to return again and again.

Stage Makeup

Christine Dion
Learn the tools and techniques professional artists use to enhance, correct and apply a polished stage makeup look. Discover the dance industry standards, what's age appropriate, and how to create quick-change drama to add show appeal to your numbers. These tips will delight the novice and inspire the experienced.

The Perfect Headshot

Christine Dion
Want to work in the dance industry? You'll need a good headshot photo to get you started. Learn what looks are in demand, makeup tips, what to wear, how to pose, how to choose a photographer, and how to take photos that get you noticed. Bring a notebook - these tips will help you make the most of your photo shoot and increase your chances for success!

Positive Parents

Danie Beck
Although they’re not in the studio with you, parents are your biggest customers. Learn how to promote positive parental involvement and how to deal with the less than ideal parent.

Build It and They Will Come

Cindy Clough
Practical tips and advice on ways to help your studio be more profitable. Topics will include marketing, new class offerings, your studio image, customer service, and how to run effective classes so your clients feel they get a value for their investment.

Rookie Studio Owner 101

Cindy Clough
The first five years can be overwhelming. Veteran studio owner of 35 years shares advice learned in the school of hard knocks. Learn tips to avoid common mistakes, be organized and have fun along the way. Practical advice on scheduling, dealing with parents, running a productive class, managing head instructors, and creating balance in your life. Presenter is open to questions that are your biggest challenges.

College Dance

Join college professors and previous students from different universities as they discuss what they are looking for in a college-bound dancer. Learn about programs and conservatories, and what each has to offer. Have dancers that want to continue dancing, but are going to school for something else? Come learn and discuss what dance teams at the collegiate level are really like! Members of different university dance teams and competitions will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Competition Q & A

Join a discussion on all things competition with some of the leaders in the competition and convention industry.

Competition Q & A

Similar to the competition panel, but for conventions! Come with your questions, concerns and ideas.

Costume Panel

Talk with the leaders in the costume industry. From rhinestones to back orders, this is your chance to ask the costume companies questions!

Dance History Panel

Desiree Robbins, Gregg Russell, Anthony Morigerato
Dance has a beautiful and complicated history, and it’s important that we pass down dance’s history to younger students. Come hear creative ideas on how to enhance your students’ knowledge of the art form by including history into your lessons. No boring history lessons here!

Organizational Effectiveness

Frank Sahlein
Need to get more done in less time? No surprise, considering the volume of information that is coming at us like a tidal wave every day! This is a fun, interactive session focusing on the personal success strategies that allow owners to run their company and still have time to sleep well, eat well and workout consistently if desired!

Establish Your Business Success

Frank Sahlein
Want to know how to establish your Key Performance Indicators in the areas of management, marketing, staff, technology, finance, facilities, and risk? This session shows you how. We will also examine some industry averages and norms in each area. You will leave with a tool for immediate improvement!

Dynamic Communication Skills

Frank Sahlein
Effective leadership depends on your ability to communicate personally, interpersonally, and in a team environment. We also need to communicate to our internal customers, as well as to our local area community. Run your own Dynamic Communications Workshop for your key staff back home with these tools.

Online Habits of Effective Dance Studios

Jason Silverman
Why is it that some studios seem to be everywhere online and look ultra professional every step of the way? They have websites that attract new students and help them retain the ones they have, they have social media platforms that are chock full of raving fans who engage on a regular basis, and they embrace mobile apps that allow members and fans worldwide to connect with them. Want a peek behind the curtain into the 7 Online Habits of Highly Effective Dance Studios? Marketing Expert and CEO of DanceSitesDoneRight.com, Jason M. Silverman will share what’s working online right now (it’s amazing how many systems have become obsolete this year!) and will provide real-life examples for attendees to learn from.

Teaching Personal Development to Dancers

Jason Silverman
Have you ever noticed that the top studios in the industry always offer more than the physical side of dance? Their staff and students have powerful character, and they are the kind of people that other people just want to be around. Obviously the physical training aspect is important, but the extraordinary value you provide when you also teach the personal development side can make your studio unstoppable. Marketing Expert and CEO of Powerful Words Character Development as well as DanceSitesDoneRight.com, Jason M. Silverman will share the exact steps you can take immediately to get the value of becoming a "Personal Development Center-Style Dance Studio." He's helped hundreds of owners reap the benefits (marketing, lead generation, lead conversion, student retention and quality improvement) worldwide, and is excited to share these systems with you. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of the benefits to the students as well as to the bottom line of the studio.

Broadway Connection Seminar

Jennifer Jancuska
Broadway Connection discusses how to effectively inspire, create and establish strong Musical Theatre Programs for dancers of all ages. Attendees learn, try, and leave with vocal, acting and theatrical dance exercises and material. Studios currently offering triple threat curriculum can use this unique workshop to bolster and advance their curriculum!

Efficiency = Profitability

Jessica Scheitler
Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, the key to profitability is having a solid business foundation. Learn the best practices for taking care of business in your dance studio, strategies to take advantage of every write-off you deserve, and plan for new tax changes. Avoid common mistakes to be confident all your bases are covered, so you can balance your artistry, teaching, and business. Our business road map will bring your vision to life. Open forum Q&A will be incorporated to discuss solutions for attendees' business inquiries to make a plan to overcome obstacles and achieve future goals. Topics to be covered include: Sole Prop, LLC, or S-Corp? Independent contractor vs. employee? Breakdown of your business, getting your finances organized, where is your money going? Tips on maximizing your return. New strategies for new tax laws.

Beyond Numbers: Grow Your Business

Jessica Scheitler
You’ve got your financials tracked—now what do you do with all these numbers? Turn your data into insights and into action to make your business work for you. Learn to increase profits by understanding your financial reports and comparing yourself to the industry standards. Growing means much more than more students. We will discuss strategies for you to make the best decisions for the greatest impact. Open forum Q&A will be incorporated to discuss solutions for attendees' business inquiries to make a plan to overcome obstacles and achieve future goals. Topics will include: How to read your financial reports. Where is your money going? Turn Goals into Measurable Numbers. Are you paying yourself? Analyze to increase profits.

Create & Design Facebook Ads

Jill Tirone
Learn how to create a highly effective Facebook ad campaign including easy advertising strategies to attract more fans and target new students. Receive step-by-step training on how to choose the perfect ad type for your studio, and how to make sure your ad targets your ideal audience. Avoid pitfalls by learning why most ads get rejected and track your progress to know if your ad is working.

Email Marketing

Jill Tirone
Email is the most cost-effective, targeted, trackable, and efficient way to build and maintain relationships in your dance studio. Learn the best tools to enhance your email marketing campaigns, how to optimize your emails for mobile devices, and how to use social media to greatly increase the effectiveness of your emails. You’ll also learn how to measure and optimize your campaigns to help you get your audience to open, read, and act on their emails.

Building Your Team

Kathy Blake
Is it time for you to work less and lead more? Learn how to expand and build your team while elevating your skills as the leader of your studio. If you’ve been in business for a while now and are ready to transition from one role into another, this session is for you. Learn how to decrease the hours you’re working on and off the dance floor and develop strategies for building a talented team. Let go of the fear that if you step away from any role you play at your studio, from teaching to office work, your business will suffer. Gain insight into what skills you will need to find, keep, and develop talented people who share your commitment for effective management and artistic excellence.

The Challenge of Change

Kathy Blake
There is inevitably an event or moment in time when you realize that you have to go in a new direction—a turning point. In this session, you will hear how to approach and implement positive change for you and your studio. Whether it’s time to change to a new curriculum or syllabus, hire or fire staff/teachers, initiate new policies or tuition prices, or move to a new space, you will get practical information in this session. Gain insight on how to transform any area where you are stuck or a change is needed to cause a positive turning point for greater success and satisfaction.

Fill Your Cup

Kim Delgrosso
Two years ago, Kim stated, "To fill someone else’s cup, you must first fill your own." This year, she will expand on that statement with ideas on time management, class structure, realistic goals, and realizing your studio’s - and your own - uniqueness.

Community Branding

Phyllis Balagna
In this day and age, it is more important than ever that studios keep their name, their vision, and their programs in the forefront of their communities. Learn how to increase your community involvement through schools, churches, the Chamber of Commerce, and other programs that already exist in communities.

Competition Ready!

Phyllis Balagna
Learn how to set up your year for a successful competition season! From how to prepare parents and timelines/schedules to dos and don’ts and etiquette sheets; make this year your best season yet. Great for everyone, including those thinking about starting a competition team to long-time competition veterans.

At the Core of Dance Standards

Rima Faber
The new National Core Arts Standards were launched in June. If you teach dance in a K-12 environment, you need to understand how to use them. The standards are grade-by-grade, starting with Preschool through Advance Level in high school. They focus on the arts-making processes of creating, performing, responding, and connecting, which are integrated into a format of understanding by design. Learn how to access, understand, and use the new standards through activities that address the breadth and scope of dance. Dance teachers of all environments are welcome.

Dancing at the Core of Standards

Rima Faber
This session is a continuation of At the Core of Dance Standards, but is a creative activity-based exploration of their uses. In this session, participants will develop standards-based activities and their assessments. You will gain practice using the standards, and tear away their mystique by realizing they are already what you do in dance. Participants are welcome from all dance teaching environments, with or without participation in Session 1.

Role Models

Sue Sampson-Dalena
What is our role as teachers, studio owners, and business leaders? How should our teaching philosophies carry over into our online social media interactions? Sue will share real-life examples, and will discuss how to deal with each situation.

Positive Profits

Sean Dever
A clear understanding of the relationship between sales price, margin, and profit is central to the success of any company or individual. This presentation will lead you step-by-step through the benefits of strategic decision making, and will reveal the power of profit to promote competitiveness while increasing wealth steadily over a long period of time. We will also reveal how many companies have gotten into serious trouble by trying to gain market share through price and cost cutting, when they should have been focused on margin and bullet-proofing their bottom lines. During this topic, we will cover: break-even analysis, calculating margin and adding value with each sale, determining which programs provide the greatest margin, how bottom line focusing starts with margin, pricing for profits, price increases and price wars, and markup vs. margin (avoiding a costly mistake).

Studio Branding

Suzanne Blake-Gerety
Is it time for a fresh look? Do you need to get a new logo? Are you ready to launch a new website? If you're looking for a new edge with your studio branding and marketing, this session is for you. Get ideas on how to tactfully rebrand so you can make a seamless transition on social media, your website, logowear and more. Learn how to update teacher bios, your "about us" story, and studio details. This session will give you the information to help you take the leap and have your studio’s brand stand out.

Innovation in a Competitive World

Suzanne Blake-Gerety
Wherever there are successful studios, you will also find copycats who take the shortcut approach. While it’s tempting to publicly call out another studio’s unethical behavior, in this session you will learn how to direct that energy in a positive way - starting by focusing on what you can control. Hear about ways to raise the bar for your own business and you will stay one step ahead of the competition. This session will inspire you to try new things and keep your passion for dance alive as you grow your business.

Teacher Chats

Throughout the weekend there will be open forum teacher chats with our ambassadors! Bring your questions, concerns and be ready to share your awesome ideas.

Raising the Barre

Tiffany Henderson
Come learn how creating a youth service organization in your studio can greatly benefit your dancers and your studio.

Professionalism in the Classroom

Tracy Silver
How to structure your classes and rehearsals to create dancers who are ready for a life in professional dance performance.